Friday, May 16, 2014

University of Oxford Colleges

During my time at Oxford, Rachel and I decided to visit all 44 of Oxford's Colleges and Permanent Private Halls. We spent multiple days throughout the end of term traveling around Oxford, attempting to find each one (with our trusted map). The first day we went to the furthest away college, St Stephen's House. At each college, we took a picture of the building and a picture of ourselves in front of the building. Here was my first one!

I've only included the pictures of the colleges that I loved, or noteworthy pictures. We also went to Magdalen College the first day, which was gorgeous! The next few pictures are from there and our walk around the Deer Park.

I love the above picture! This tree is famous somehow (I don't remember) and C.S. Lewis (who taught here) had an office in the New Building (in the background). I'm proud of this picture!

One of my favorite colleges of Oxford, Queen's College (not to be confused with Queen College, Cambridge). I loved the symmetry of it and how gorgeous the blue sky and green grass were!

Keble College, which was right down the road from Wycliffe Hall.

Me in front of my home for the term!

This is a panorama I took of New College. Luckily, our library cards get us into the colleges for free!

This is the tree where Harry Potter was filmed (when Draco gets turned into a ferret).

A rare picture of Rachel and I actually together.

The flowers and gardens at New College were amazing! We also had an older man stop and tell us about how the college has changed since he was a student there many years ago. It was pretty interesting!

Worcester College, another beautiful one!

Trinity College! I felt a strange bond here...

Christ Church College, perhaps the most well known of the Oxford Colleges.

In the gardens.

Harry Potter anyone?

And finally, the Great Hall of Christ Church College. 

Rachel and I had a blast visiting colleges, I must say, and I hope I can return to them one day! It'd be great to see them all again.

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