Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hanging Out With Jenn

After leaving Oxford, I headed to my friend Jenn's house to spend Easter Weekend with here. Here's the highlights!

We went to Brighton my first full day there, seeing the sites of the town, and spending some time on the beach. 

We went to the Brighton Pier, and I played some game with pennies (I lost all 100 of them in the end). :( I would be a horrible gambler.

The beach is awesome!

We went and got coffee in Brighton also, spending some time people watching.

This was something famous, but I never remember what it is called. The Pavilion, maybe? 

The next day, we went to the town of Lewes. We were planning to go into a castle, but didn't end up doing so. Instead, we wandered. First was this adorable bookshop. I bought two books here: Canterbury Tales and an ancient book about Oxford. Jenn figured it'd make a good souvenir.

We also walked past Anne of Cleves house, one of Henry VIII's wives.

We did walk around the castle, but never went in.

On our drive home, we stopped on the South Downs (we think) and took some photos. It was a great view over the Downs.

We were kind of lost...

Finally, I decided to leave. :( This is what I looked like until I arrived home 48 hours later. I planned to spend the day in London, then sleep in the airport my final night in England.

One last picture with Jenn! It was a great weekend, full of memories!

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