Thursday, July 10, 2014

London (One Last Time)

The day before I flew home, I headed into London one last time. I was hoping to see all of the things I had yet to see, which I have to say, I did pretty well with this goal! I left Jenn's on Monday morning, and enjoyed a long bus ride to London sitting next to a complete stranger (not fun). When I arrived in London, I headed to the Victoria and Albert, a museum. Here are some pictures of my time there:

Asian warrior's dress, or something of the like. The V&A was divided into sections for time periods and countries. After a while, you need to take a break. At least for me, looking at ancient artifacts for hours can get kind of boring.

An amazing sculpture thing they had there.

I just wanted to look at it!

Looking down over one of the sections. I sat by the chapel in the front and listened to a recording of nuns singing. It was lovely!


I remember: this was one of many little pictures showing the use of alabaster in sculpting.

I actually have no idea what this is, but it looked pretty cool.


And my favorite part of the V&A? The Fashion exhibit. Especially the Regency era clothing.

Some of these may have been taken to show to Rachel... ;)

After the Victoria and Albert, I wandered around for a bit, and then headed to Leicester Square to shop. However, I got a little lost and ended up in Chinatown. No big deal, I just went shopping there!

Here's my proof I was there.

I saw a poster for Les Mis, so of course, I had to take a picture. I think this is right after I spent two hours in Costa Coffee, drinking an iced caramel latte and uploading pictures onto facebook.

I ended my time in London in Picadilly Circus (kind of like Times Square). There are a lot of tourist shops in the area, and I think I went into every single one of them. 

As I was not going to meet Lexi for another few hours, I decided to spend my last (well, some of it) money on a Starbucks coffee. Because it was Easter, I also got a nice chocolate coin as well. I sat in Starbucks people watching in the corner, and reminiscing about the term.

All in all, I have to say my favorite part of the day was riding the Underground. I love the system and enjoy figuring out how to get to a place far away. I had a lovely time in London for the last time, and headed to Heathrow immediately afterwards. My last time on the Underground is shown above. There was literally only one other person in the car. Slightly scary, but also kind of fun!

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